Sunday, 31 July 2016

Katie Kitchen Sponsored Artist Uses Kala Traveller Series and Padauk Series ukulele

Welcome aboard to Sponsored Artist Katie Kitchen.  Direct from NYC USA to Australia (via Plympton)

Katie Kitchen is a Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Radio Personality, Writer, Publisher and Ukulele Player, a real Renaissance woman.  

And Now Ukulele Trading Co Australia's First Sponsored Artist. Katie K currently uses a Kala Traveller Series and a Kala Padauk Series ukulele.

Unlike Phil Spector we would never shout at Katie Kitchen on the phone.

"regardless of what I have done in my life, 
from living in other countries to drawing a lot to having kids to working various interesting jobs – 

when I meet new people (which happens often because of the lots of different things I like to do), my introduction almost inevitably includes the phrase “She plays the ukulele”. 

Except for one friend, who always introduces me with the phrase ... 

“She got shouted at on the phone by Phil Spector!” 

Which is true, but another post."
Katie Kitchen

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