Monday, 11 February 2019

Friday 1st March Ukulele Russ (Alaska) plays at the Hahndorf Inn S.A.

One Man - One Ukulele - One Destiny! 
To create a Rock Comedy Show
to end all Rock Shows.  

The Alaskan Madman of Ukulele is back for Adelaide Fringe Festival 2019.

Like Rocky Balboa in Rocky (I,II,II,IV,V,VI,VII) the kid will keep on punching above his weight.

Ukulele Russ creates his One Man Frontier Band on the fly with Looping pedals, Ukulele, Keyboard, Bass Ukulele and Beat-boxing.

Supported By Adelaide's own fabulous "Step In Time"

BRING YOUR UKULELES and play in the All-In Numbers.

Friday 1st March

Hahndorf Inn Brauhaus
Hahndorf South Australia.
Ukulele Russ + Step In Time + All In Numbers. 


Concession is being a Member of ANY Adelaide Ukulele Group, Child, Student, Unemployed, Pensioner

Sunday, 13 January 2019

Monday Night 7pm - 9pm Ukulele Lesson and Jam Session The REZZ HOTEL Newton, South Australia

Monday Night 14th session will be INSIDE in the Front Bar of the REZZ under the Chilly Chilly Air-conditioning ...

You may have noticed it is all of a sudden SUMMER.

It will be back on the Deck when the weather returns to slightly less than "Hot As Hell" mode. 

Ukulele Lesson and Jam Monday evenings 7pm - 9pm.

Friday Mornings 10:30am -12 noon.

The Rezz Hotel Newton, 20 Hamilton Tce, Newton, South Australia (off Gorge Road)

Everyone welcome and I always bring loaner Ukes so bring a friend. 
Cheers CC

Monday, 1 October 2018

Beginner Ukulele Lesson, Salisbury South Australia Old Spot Hotel, 1955 Main North Road Salisbury

Beginner Ukulele Lessons every Tuesday arvo at The Old Spot Hotel, Salisbury. 

See you all at 1pm for some ukulele fun.

Small Class size and personal attention to help you start playing the right way in as short a time as possible.

Wednesday, 28 February 2018

How to tell if you need to change your ukulele strings

How Often should I change my Ukulele Strings?

I generally recommend giving your ukulele a present of some new strings for its birthday every year.

The Aquila strings fitted to most ukuleles are pretty hard wearing and once a year is generally enough, but if you play for a few hours every day you may want to do a restring more often.

How To Test Your Strings For Wear
To test your strings simply run your finger on the underside of the strings, if you feel duvets/indentations where the strings pass over the frets then you may want to change strings.  

Those wear spots cause the string to oscillate unevenly and even though your tuner may say the string is "In Tune"  they just sound funny and a bit off.  Plus those wear spots are weakness points and they will break there. 

If you want to replace your Aquila Strings we stock a whole range of them, or you may want a SOFTER EASIER PLAYING string then try out the Japanese Worth Ukulele Strings

Low G String Wears Out Faster, How Come?
A wound Low G string has a nylon multi-thread chore and an outer wrap of Nylon/Silver thread.  The Wound Low g strings are known to wear out much fatsre than the none wound strings, it is "The Nature of the Beast"  The outer wrap wears out over the freats and exposes the inner core.  You string wont oscillate properly, its will sound and feel hottible and is a string break waiting to happen.  I always suggest that if you use a Low G set then purchase some Single Low G Strings as spares.

YES YOU CAN CHANGE JUST ONE STRING, despite what some people say.  You don't need to change out the CEA strings if its just your low g that has worn out.

Aquila Low G Strings

Want a Long Long Looonnnnggggg Lasting Low G String?
Then change to Worth Low G Strings, the Worth Low G strings ARE NOT WOUND and wont wear any faster than the rest of the strings.

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Ohana 39 Series solid mahogany ukuleles in the Martin Model 3M Style.

A Concert and Soprano ukulele made in the Vintage Martin Style, but without the $3,000 US Dollar price-tags.  

No they are not USA made, nor are they Vintage, in fact they are brand spankin modern made Chinese instruments.  But the premium woods and styling cues are bang on point and the price for such quality is amazing. 

New to The Ohana Vintage Line is the much anticipated Ohana 39 series. Having been introduced at Winter NAMM’17, the SK-39 & CK-39 are modelled after the original Martin 3M ukuleles.

SK-39 & CK-39
The anticipated -39 series finally made its way to the public earlier last month. Inspired by the early Martin 3 ukuleles (known as 3M), these NEW ukuleles are instant vintage classics looks and sound.

The Design  The -39s feature premium solid Mahogany, with a multi black and white rosette and purfling along the top and back of the body as well as down the middle of the fretboard. Pearloid double dot inlays adorn frets # 5, 7 & 10, solidifying the classic aesthetic while simultaneously serving as a visual cue for ease of play.

The -39s also feature a Maple pendalogue (the contrasting triangle maple inlay on the lower bout), complemented by Maple binding which further unifies the look and feel of these ukuleles.

Designed with the discerning ukulele player in mind, these all-solid instruments are the perfect addition to any collection!

Friend of Ohana, Rachel Manke, talks about what makes the 39 series unique as she compares and test runs SK-39 & CK-39 in the video below!

The SK-39 soprano is styled after the classic Martin 3M ukuleles from the 1920s and is part of the Ohana 39 series, part of the Vintage Line.

The new Ohana SK-39 features premium solid Mahogany, with multi black and white purfling and Maple binding. Its all-solid construction provides this soprano with a very bright and balanced sound, producing really good sustain and resonance.

Top: Premium Solid Mahogany with Maple
Back: Premium Solid Mahogany
Sides: Premium Solid Mahogany
Sound-hole: Rosette in black/ white
Binding: Maple with multi black/ white purfling
Finish: Vintage satin
Body Length: 9-1/2"
Neck: Mahogany
Fretboard: Black/ white purfling strip on center; Pearloid Double Dot Inlay on Frets # 3, 5, 7, 10 & 12
Frets: 12 frets to body; Total 17 frets
Finish: Vintage
Nut: Bone
Scale Length: 13-3/4"

Headstock: Mahogany
Tuners: Gotoh friction
Strings: Aquila
Saddle: Bone
Total Length: 21“

CK-39 Concert
The new Ohana CK-39, like its soprano counterpart, features premium solid Mahogany, with multi black and white purfling and Maple binding. Its all-solid construction provides this concert with a very bright and balanced sound.

Top: Premium Solid Mahogany with Maple
Back: Premium Solid Mahogany
Sides: Premium Solid Mahogany
Sound-hole: Rosette in black/ white
Binding: Maple with multi black/ white purfling
Finish: Vintage satin
Body Length: 11"

Neck: Mahogany
Fretboard: Black/ white purfling strip on center; Pearloid Double Dot Inlay on Frets # 3, 5, 7, 10 & 12
Finish: Vintage
Nut: Bone
Scale Length: 15"

Headstock: Mahogany
Tuners: Gotoh friction
Strings: Aquila
Saddle: Bone
Total Length: 24“

The Ohana Story: A Small Family Business making a Big Splash in the Ukulele World

Quality . Playability . Value

As an homage to the spirit of family and with a passion for music, Ohana was born. We are a small, community-oriented ukulele company best known for our commitment to quality—every instrument is individually inspected and set up before delivery to our authorized dealers around the world.

That’s because we believe that regardless of your skill level, your ukulele should be functional and immediately playable, so the places you go with it are marked by the experiences that awaken you.

Today, Ohana contributes to interesting lives everywhere, heading out to far reaches of the globe. Bands have formed. Songs have been played. Relationships have been built. Lives have been changed. And whether you are purchasing your first, next, or best ukulele, we’re here to help. Welcome to the family.

Quality, Playability, Value
Headquartered in Long Beach, CA, we at Ohana, believe in the importance of Quality, Playability, and Value. Since 2006, we have focused on making ukuleles from rich tone woods and constructions that yield the best-sounding instruments possible.

From Our Warehouse To You
We are passionate in what we do, which is why we make it our top priority to properly inspect and set up every instrument before being shipped. We believe that an instrument ought to be functional, playable, and most importantly, be able to inspire a person to continue to learn and create music.

At Ohana, we believe innovation is the key to any endeavor, tempered with an appreciation of those who paved the way for the ukulele before us. When conceptualizing a new line, we take everything into consideration— from sourcing and pairing tone woods, to the unique shape and construction of each model.

The Ohana Spirit
As a player, you deserve Quality, Playability, and Value, when purchasing a musical instrument. Thank you for choosing Ohana as part of your ukulele collection. We promise to continue to strive for excellence in our instruments and service.

Kala Waterman Ukulele The ultimate Travel ukulele, Rain Hail or Shine

The Waterman Story
KALA Ukulele, known for several brands of high quality yet affordable instruments, has been inspired by the 1950's Maccaferri ukulele and created a new uke with a focus on the outdoor enthusiast.

 "The Waterman" is a ukulele for everyone but pays special tribute to people that live the waterman, outdoor lifestyle.

The Waterman Ukulele pays homage in part to the legendary ukulele designer, Mario Maccaferri. Inspired at the 1939 World's Fair he saw plastic as the material of the future. Mario eventually combined his skills as a luthier and his business of injection molding and invented the Maccaferi Ukulele. After being endorsed by entertainer, Arthur Godfrey, on his TV show, 9 million of the Maccaferri ukes were sold between 1949 and 1969.

The Kala Makala Waterman Soprano Uke takes the Maccaferri concept to all new heights. An affordable, innovative uke with the quality you've come to expect from Kala, the Makala Waterman plays great, sounds great, and stays in tune. From the beach to the mountains and everything in between, the Makala Waterman boasts a durable high-grade polycarbonate construction and a travel-friendly, water-resistant design that makes this uke the perfect choice no matter where you go. Comes equipped with a set of nickel-plated open-gear tuners and a set of Aqulia Super Nylgut strings. Can easily converted for left-handed players. Includes a logo backpack bag.

The Makala Waterman Series by Kala features the latest water resistant composite technology packaged in vintage design and sound. The Waterman Series is designed for playability, portability and durability, making it the ultimate outdoor/travel ukulele.

In addition to being the perfect go anywhere ukulele for the outdoor enthusiast, the materials used in the Waterman’s construction make it an excellent choice for school and community music programs where cleanliness is a consideration. The ukuleles are easy to keep clean which is advantageous in settings where instruments are being shared.

Makala Waterman ukuleles come in soprano size and include a logo backpack/carrying bag. The instruments are made of high grade polycarbonate ABS construction which is durable and weather resistant, and are complemented with nickel plated open gear tuners. Each model is strung with Aquila Super Nyglut Strings.

Water resistant
Easy to keep clean
High grade polycarbonate construction
Nickel plated open gear tuners
Aquila Super Nylgut Strings
Logo backpack bag included