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1950's or early 1960's Maton Alver Archtop Acoustic Guitar

1950s Maton Alver Archtop Acoustic GuitarA True Made In Australia Maton Alver
Vintage Guitar That is A Blast From The Past.

So CC why a Guitar on a Ukulele site you ask?
Well I am selling this guitar on behalf a friend that has taken to Ukulele "Like a duck to water" and he is having a clearout of his guitar collection to make room for more Ukuleles, sensible man I'd say.

Here is an original and medium mileage Maton Alver archtop acoustic guitar, made by Maton I believe in the late '50s or early '60s. Back in the day when "Hand Made" was the only way to make guitars.  Made in Victoria Australia.


This is definitely one suitable for the Vintage Guitar Collector, or for a musician wanting to get that authentic archtop tone. This guitar sounds very similar to the Hofner archtops of the same period, not surprising given the similar construction methods.

This Alver still has its original scratchguard fitted with the famous Maton Big Rigger Sailing Ship.

As you can see from the pictures all the sides are still tightly bonded with no cracking or comming apart.  The Neck is still securely in place with no movement at the heel.

The Finish is pretty good for an original 1950/60's guitar, a few little nicks and dings and scuffs here and there, but overall very neat and tidy for the age, I should look so good at 60 to 70 years old I wish!

The action is Meduim/Highish but the guitar is very playable, suits finger picking and would make a cracking slide guitar, but a lead guitar fretboard burner it is not. Again please check out the pictures.

The Neck is straight and I've tried to take pictures from above along the neck, Treble Side and Bass Side and a picture over the neck body join from the side.  I have given the frets and fingerboard a clean and polish, the fingerboards been lem oiled and a new set of Martin Strings fitted.


Alver was the budget or 'student' line of guitars made by Maton at the time, and didn't have body binding or other fancy fitments, The Maton Alver Series may have been the budget line but Alver guitars were made alongside the regular more expensive Maton models.

The reason they stopped making Alver’s was that it cost too much to make them, as despite them being simple they still took a long time to make. They couldn’t cut corners on quality. The features might have been slightly cheaper, but the workmanship was still there…  Maton just couldn’t build them any cheaper.

Bill May's wife, Vera is the reason for the 'ver' part of the Alver name. Not sure where the 'Al' part of the name comes from.  I've researched the internet and most people agree the Ver is for Vera but no one can nail down the Al part of the Name.

One suitable for the Vintage Guitar Collector, the Maton Alver Guitars look great and are part of Australian Musical Instrument History.

This vintage guitar sounds light airy and sweet, and is in good playing condition. Neck angle/join is good and solid. The frets and fingerboard show the typical signs of the age from having been played, and please check out the many photographs.

The Maton Company still manufactures guitars to this day and produce some of the best quality guitars on the planet without silly pricetags.

Regards CC

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