Sunday, 12 June 2016

Kala Banjolele KA-BNJ-BK-S Soprano 6 inch hoop body with Concert 20 fret neck.


FREE Set-Up,
FREE Tuner
FREE Gig Bag,
FREE Postage within Australia

Open back design
Remo Weatherking Banjo Head
6 hoop diameter
Chrome hardware throughout
Deluxe geared tuners with chrome buttons

The KA-BNJ-BK-S smaller size 6 inch hoop banjolele is classed as "the Soprano" of the range.  But the neck is still Concert sizes with 20 frets.

It also sports the open back style.  With the open back you can vary the tone by how much/hard you press it again your body.

If you tilt it away from your body the sound is louder and more trebley ... much like the way a Horn Player waggles a mute in front of their trumpet horn to alter the tone.

The smaller open back Soprano Banjolele KA-BNJ-BK-S, it is super cute but still super loud. And at $425 a fantastic option for those wanting to get into Banjolele.

All my Banjoleles come ready to play! Bridge in place, action, set, skin tightened, neck at the right angle.  Basically all you need to do is tune up with the FREE complimentary tuner I include and off you go.

Most times when you get your mail order Banjolele the neck will be attached to the body, but that's about it.  The skin will not be tightened and usually the bridge will be in a plastic bag with the hoop adjustment tool. If you can do your own banjo setup that's cool. If not its a trip to your local repair shop to get your banjolele setup before you can even play a song, that sucks!

No Problem I can set your banjolele up for you southpaw players, no extra charge.

The banjo ukulele is recognised for its distinctive tone and ability to project sound in solo and ensemble settings. The banjo ukulele was originally designed by Alvin Keech in 1917 and was popularised by musicians such as George Formby and Roy Smeck. George Harrison favoured the instrument in later years and recorded his song “Any Road” on banjo uke.

Banjoleles or Banjo Ukuleles are they are sometimes called are fast becoming my favourite type of Ukulele to play.  They are loud and proud!  But being so loud you have nowhere to hide if you hit any bum notes.

Kala has a commitment to quality that I respect.  They are easy to setup, the fret placement and intonation is top notch and the neck angle and bridge height is well sorted so they are easy to play right up and down the fretboard with really nice actions.

Bottom line, Kala banoleles save me time in setup,   the Kala banjos don't get returned with faults and best of all ... my customers are very happy.

There are plenty of banjoleles out there in the market place but not all banjoleles are equal.Especially in the Banjolele field the saying "You get what you pay for" holds true.  Cheap banjoleles often have very high Actions.  Action is the height of the strings over the fretboard.

The high Action of cheapie banjoleles makes playing beyond the 4th fret near impossible on some banjoleles. And the non precise fret placement often makes them sound really sour and out of tune.

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