Thursday, 7 January 2016

Ohana Concert Solid mahogany top Acoustic Electric CK-20CE

Rawk n Roll people.
The Ohana CK-20CE has an active battery powered pick-up and EQ for when you need to be amped up. 

This is an electric acoustic version of one of Ohana Ukuleles best selling acoustic instruments, the Ohana CK20.
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The solid mahogany top is a great addition to a ukulele in this Price range.  The solid top vibrates with a clear and strong sound, and being solid the wood will age and sound better and better every year.

The CK-20CE is fitted with a pick-up and that mean you can lug it into an amplifier or PA system ...Powerrrrrr.

You get a full featured battery powered Pre-amp system to go with thwe pickup so you can use the bass and Treble sliders to craft your desired tone from a bright rock tone to a smooth Jazz tone with the treble backed down.  Plenty of output volume too.

The Neck is a nice contour and dimension.  Personally I like the Ukes with wider fatter necks, they are just more comfortable.  That's part of why I like

Ohana Ukuleles, their necks are just right, not too thin or too shallow,  generous with the shape of the rear of the neck full and round in your left hand.

Very comfortable. And the cutaway body style makes access to the top frets easy for soloing.

Solid Mahogany Top with Cutaway
Belcat active EQ system with built in tuner
Laminate Mahogany Back Sides
Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge
Top and Back Body Binding
Quality geared machine heads
Aquila strings

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