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Ohana TK-35G-5 Five String Tenor ukulele ALL Solid Mahogany wood

TK-735G-5 Five String Tenor Ukulele.
All Solid Mahogany wood.
RRP is $549 In Australia.

FREE Quality Hardcase
FREE Headstock Tuner
FREE Setup included
FREE Postage
Warranty and After Sales Service Backup from Aussie Ohana Ukulele Dealer.

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Life is too short to play a crappy instrument;
Happy Strumming is where it’s at. 

"Ohana Ukuleles, Made To Be Played" is the company slogan... and they are not messing about.

Ohana ukuleles are some of the most inexpensive solid wood ukuleles around, and the TK-35G-5 is all solid mahogany, not just the top, but the back and sides too.  A deep gloss finish and fine details adorn this solid mahogany tenor ukulele with outstanding tone and playability.

Ahhh,   every ukulele player's conundrum... High-G or Low-G!?
With Ohana's unique 5-String model, featuring both G's, all the guess work has been taken out!

Personally I think it sounds amazing...Very loud and boy that low and High G string combo is fantastic, Jangle from the Octave G Strings but you still have single course of C E and A strings for picking and runs etc...

Very happy to have added this model to the range of Ohana ukuleles available in Australia.

Well having the g strings doubled up (similar to a 12 string guitar), with the high G and low G an octave apart adds a much fuller bodied rhythm tone, gives it a beautiful and interesting sound but still a ukulele sound..

The Ohana TK-35G-5 has a big sound with a bit of jangle. It’s actually a very loud instrument.
The other strings are normal single and so the cea strings do not sound different to the normal 4 string ukulele.

The uke is a tenor, and is made from solid mahogany, imparting a more full tone but still a bright attack to notes… very rock.

Being a Solid Wood ukulele it will sound even better as it opens up over the years. As the wood dries out it becomes stiffer and lighter and become even better at transferring string energy to the sound waves we hear.

The headstock on the 5 string is visibly longer than an ordinary ukulele's headstock to accommodate the extra 5th string tuning key.

This is a top of the line instrument with its beautiful gloss finish that makes it look as good as it sounds.

Like with all Ohana instruments the workmanship is superb. Ohana ukuleles may be made in China but they all travel to you via Ohana Head office in the USA where they go through a detailed premium adjustment, ready to play.

Solid Mahogany Top/Back/Sides
Body Binding
Grover Geared Tuners
Rosewood Fingerboard & Bridge
Bone Nut & Saddle
Aquila Strings
Gloss Finish

VIDEO REVIEW with Ken Middleton

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