Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Cases for Ukuleles Prices Sizes and Styles

Q. Do you sell the covers for Ukuleles and what Price?. June

A. Yes June,

I sell the Hard Cases and the soft Gigbag type covers.  Price depends on the size of Ukulele and the quality of the bag/case.

Below is a selection form an extensive range that is available.

Regular Ukulele Gigbag 12 mm Padded
Soprano    $19.95
Concert   $21.95
Tenor   $24.95
Baritone   $27.95

Deluxe Ukulele Gigbag 20mm Padded
Soprano    $29.95
Concert   $37.95
Tenor   $43.95
Baritone   $55.95

Polyfoam Hard Case 
Soprano    $59.95
Concert   $62.95
Tenor   $65.95
Baritone   $75.95

Black Hard Case with Vinyl covered plywood
Soprano    $109
Concert   $119
Tenor   $129

Kala Brand Vintage Tweed Covered Hard case AND Kala Brand Faux Alligator Skin Hard Case
Soprano   $115
Concert   $125
Tenor   $135
Baritone    $145

If you let me know what size of Ukulele and Type of case you would like I could make sure I have it in stock for you

Regards CC

Christopher Carr 
The Ukulele Trading Co Australia
Purveyors of Fine New and Used Ukuleles.
Phone 0432 306 920

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  1. Hi
    Does any brand of tenor hardcase fit any brand of tenor uke? Have you got any pics of your polyfoam hardcase?