Friday, 10 June 2016

Guitarlele by Kala Brand Music KA-GL-KOA is THE RIFF MACHINE

Kala KA-GL-KOA Guitarlele $495

- Hands down the easiest way for guitarists to jump into the Ukulele World.

- 6 Strings, arranged just like a guitar, tuned a 4th above a normal guitar A D G C E A - low to high (like putting a Capo at the 5th fret)

- Your familiar chord fingerings, 

- Same scales you are used too, 

- Play along perfectly in-tune with your ukulele playing brethren.

MOST IMPORTANTLY It has The Bass Strings just like guitars do.  Bass strings that you need to play Classic Rock; Back in Black, Black Dog, Black Night, riff on Deep Purple, Sabbath, Cream etc etc ... play all your favourites without having to learn new licks, scales or fingerings. 
This Instrument is FREAKIN AMAZING!

Solid spruce top, Hawaiian Koa Back and Sides
Rosewood fingerboard
Tuned A D G C E A - low to high
Grover tuners, and a classical style slotted headstock

Kala's hybrid instrument, the Guitarlele, will delight guitar players looking for the perfect travel guitar, as well as, ukulele players exploring guitar for the first time. The six stringed instrument is tuned to A-D-G-C-E-A and projects a bright, full tone similar to capo-ing up on the 5th fret of a regular guitar.
Check out the video Demo

The Kala KA-GL-KOA Guitarlele features the size, sound, and feel of a tenor ukulele but with six strings, tuned just like a guitar, only higher. The Kala KA-GL-KOA is built with a solid spruce top, and is paired with Hawaiian Koa Back and Sides, a rosewood fingerboard, and a natural satin finish. 

The Kala KA-GL-KOA is designed to be tuned up a 4th from standard guitar tuning (same as a guitar with a capo at the 5th fret - A D G C E A - low to high), because the scale length is so much shorter than a guitar.

This diminutive axe is light, portable and a great travel option for guitarists on the go. It s also a fantastic option for the adventurous guitarist searching for new sonic territory, or ukulele players looking to explore the guitar. Additional features for the Kala KA-GL-KOA Guitarlele include a set of Grover tuners, and a classical style slotted headstock.

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