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C8 Worth Clear 8 String Ukulele Strings

Worth 8 String Tenor set of CLEAR Ukulele Strings Fluorocarbon

$35 Includes Postage in OZ

Beautiful Tone Starts With Beautiful Strings.

Simply the best improvement to your 8 string Ukulele that you can make, the C8 Worth strings have a clear bell like chiming tone and BEST OF ALL ARE EASY ON YOUR FINGERTIPS, which 8 string players will really, really, appreciate.

  • 8 strings per pack
  • 63 inch Tenor
  • Code: C8
  • Enough string length for 2 re-strings per packet.
  • Postage included in OZ. 
  • BONUS FREE Ukulele Lesson via Skype with Hawaii based teacher Jeffrey Thomas

for 8 strings
For 8 strings ukulele

Worth Premium Fluorocarbon Ukulele Strings are one of the most popular brands of strings among both professional and amateur ukulele musicians.  

Manufactured in Japan, Worth Creations make premium quality strings in Soprano/Concert, Tenor, Baritone, 6 and 8 string sets. Worth Strings is standard fitment to the prestige Hawaiian KoAloha ukuleles.

9 Benefits of Worth Premium Flurocarbon Ukulele Strings.

1. Easy On Your fingers - Softer Material and Lower Tension.
Worth is a softer, easier feeling string under your fingertips, this is due to their lower tension and being made of Flurocarbon.
Other brands/materials can 'shred' your fingertips, even after you have developed callouses on your fingertips, not Worth Strings.  

2. Bending Notes and Vibrato Easier – Smooth lead playing.
If you like to bend notes then try Worth strings. Flurocarbon strings will not 'roll under’ your fingertips like other materials do.
You can really 'dig in' and bend a note smoothly with great control of pitch and vibrato.

3. Brown or Clear Strings – Choose your tone Jazzy or Bright.
Worth ukulele strings come in Brown and Clear versions. The Brown produces a warmer rounder jazzy sound while the Clear strings are the brighter.  

4. High or Low G sets – without finger squeak. 
The Worth low G ukulele strings are not wound, so they are less likely to give finger noise and do not have that annoying “Finger Squeak' of wound low G strings. 

5. Value for money with 2 sets per pack.
Worth ukulele strings come in double-length sets. Each package contains enough string length to restring your ukulele twice.

6. Rapid ‘Settling In’ with Stable Tuning.
When new strings are fitted they will (regardless of brand) take some time to stretch and settle in.
Unlike other strings Worth Ukulele Strings will stretch out and settle in just a few days, and will remain stable, with no further stretching due to unwanted elasticity of string material.

7. Volume Balance.
Comparing Worth strings with nylon strings of the same tension, Worth strings have a more consistent and even volume and tone balance between the strings, especially the Low G sets.

8. Long Lasting.
Worth Strings are less prone to breakage than strings manufactured from less durable and stable materials.
Worth Low g strings are solid Flurocarbon and unlike wound low g strings there is NO outer wrap to separate or wear away from an inner core, the separation leads to string failure.

9. Stable Tuning.
You will find Worth Ukulele Strings have very stable tuning regardless of Temperature and Humidity changes.

"I’ve been using Worth Strings for the past 10 years.  What I love about Worth Strings is their tonal quality and sustain. I find it easier on my fingers ... Worth Strings are the best for me!"

"Worth – My favourite, hands down. These fluro-carbon strings pack more punch than most. They are bright sounding and pull very tight across the fretboard. These strings are used by Herb Ohta Jr., David Kamakahi, and Brittni Paiva.

There are two main kinds of strings that Worth makes: brown and clear. The brown strings are warmer sounding and the clears are brighter sounding. The clears are what I like. I’m usually a bass/middle frequency guy, I don’t like songs with treble boosted anything. But these strings work for me because my ukulele has such a warm sound, it all balances out. Both kinds of string comes with an optional unwound low G string (yay, no squeaks!) in normal, medium, or heavy tension"

"I’m Masaya Takahashi producer of Worth Strings.“Worth Strings” has been selling well since we started to sale, first of September 2002.  

When I started playing the ukulele, I searched for strings I liked, but couldn't find them in existing products. 

At last I found Fluoro Carbon, but to get the strings, I had to purchase a large amount,that I could never use in my lifetime. 

Thankfully many players liked it. First, there were just 3 types. But little by little our customer’s desire for more variations, and now we have many different strings, as you know. “Worth Strings” is made of an special material called Fuluoro carbon.  The specific gravity is about 1.78 (nylon:about 1.14).  The features are a clear sound and a good balance, so it can be adaptive not only for solo play but also for stroke(strumming) play.  

Therefore, despite “Worth Strings” is higher price many people choose them, because the length is longer than other company’s string, and you can get two from one of our strings sets as long as normal size ukulele. Many Japanese customer are particular about sounds and intonation, and they are very satisfied with Worth Strings."

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