Sunday, 19 October 2014

Big Heart Guitar Slides MADE IN THE USA Clearance of my last three.

Another clearance of my old guitar shop stock.  This is New Old Stock as they say... lucky for you all that guitars slides don't go off like strings or fruit.

Of course you can always play slide on a ukulele you know.

I have 1 Bronze guitar slide and 2 Porcelain Guitar slides from Big Heart Slides USA.

"Made By Slide Players,
For Slide Players."

Queenbee Drippin’ Blues Slide.
BHS-QDB RRP $39.95

Queenbee Drippin’ Blues Slide. Straight cylindrical porcelain slide with domed end. Triple glaze finish. A Unique porcelain slide.

Queen Bee Angel
BHS-QA RRP $39.95

BigHeart BHS-QA Queenbee Angel Slide. Straight cylindrical porcelain slide with angel graphics and domed end. A Unique porcelain slide.

Bronze Bomber
BHS-BB RRP $39.95

BigHeart BHS-BB Bronze Bomber Slide. Traditional design. 3/16” solid heavy bronze wall.   A classic!  Made from cast red bronze with thick walls for extra tone. Great for acoustic and resonator guitars

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