Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ukulele Workshop Absolute Beginners

20th September. 
2pm - 3.30pm Saturday
Mount Barker 

1 & 1/2 hour Lesson, 
Absolute Beginners Ukulele Class Presented by Ink Pot Arts Mount Barker 


Just bring your enthusiasm! 

These 1 ½ hour sessions will provide participants with a chance to discover the joys of playing ukulele in a small group setting. No experience necessary. 

$20 per session 

quill@inkpot.com.au or 0429-673 327 

Ink Pot Arts' CREATIVE HUB, 
34-38 Gawler Street, 
Mount Barker 
(upstairs in the Mount Barker Town Hall, near The Barker Hotel). 

“We sell lots of ukuleles every year, 
but what is most pleasing is that we have helped hundreds of people learn to play Ukulele, make music, sing and have fun. 
Viva Le Ukulele Revolution.Cheers CC” 

Notice how people with Ukuleles have big grins? 
That's because playing Ukulele Is Best ‘Pick Me Up Health Tonic’ ever. 
Learning Ukulele is Fun and Easy so take to plunge and get along. 

What it’s all about: 
Admit it, you have an inner Rockstar just waiting to be let loose. 
Well let them loose on ukulele!. 

No prior music experience required to enjoy playing the hottest most popular instrument on the planet at the moment... even if you have never touched an instrument before you will be making music and playing songs by the end of the workshop 

The humble ukulele has undergone something of a renaissance in the last few years, with many professional musicians (from Vance Joy to Bruno Mars to Eddie Vedder) exploring the instrument’s versatility, and many more amateur musicians discovering the joy of learning an accessible, portable instrument 

What we cover: 
Tuning a Ukulele, 
Basic chord shapes and strumming, 
Learn How to Play a Riff... amaze your friends. 
and Play a song or two. 

What's Supplied: 
You don’t even need to own a Ukulele as Loaner Ukuleles and Workshop Notes supplied. 

Ukuleles are available to purchase from $35 (save $10) for those that get bitten by the ukulele bug. 

Who will be teaching? 
Christopher Carr is the owner of The Ukulele Trading Co, a web based Specialist Ukulele Shop. Musical Director of The NUkes Ukulele Ensemble and Member of 8 Piece Band Ukulele Circus. 

Around 2009 CC had a Ukulele Epiphany, like most guitarists he had dismissed the little ukulele as not much more than a toy. But this was a “light bulb moment” realising that the Ukulele was the perfect accessible instrument to teach music on. 

20th September. 
2pm - 3.30pm Saturdays Mount Barker 
1 & 1/2 hour Lesson, 
Book any/all of the three sessions of Absolute Beginners Ukulele Class Presented by Ink Pot Arts Mount Barker 


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