Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Can People be taught Ukulele in pairs?

I received an email from a guy inquiring about organising ukulele Lessons for his Mum and her friend, thought I'd share it with you all.
Cheers CC

Q. Can you teach her and a friend (in the same private class)?

A.    Yes I do lessons for Pairs,  at $60 Per Hour.  
Both people sit in together and get a 60 minute class.
Q.   Do you do gift vouchers? 
A. Yes that is available.
Q.   Do they need to purchase ukeleles in advance or are there two to borrow? 
A.   Loaner Uke Service for the first lesson.

I supply ukuleles for the First lesson, after the first lesson the Ukulele can be purchased for $35, and you own your ukulele!  At $35 that's cheaper than in shops.
And these are real Quality Kala Ukuleles, proper instruments and not toys.
A quality Ukulele makes it SO SO much easier to learn.
Q.  How many lessons would they need to be able to play a medium-level song? A.  If they pick up their ukuleles and play at least 10 minutes a day,  within a month of lessons they will be able to play just about any three chord song from the last 50 years.Q.  Do you come to them or do they come to you or if they come to you, where are you based? A.  Lessons are held at the Northern Sound System, NSS, Elizabeth Way, Elizabeth.  Opposite the Police Station and next to the Fire Dept.

Hope to see them soon for Lessons,
Cheers CC.

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